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Demonstration: No mosques in our streets!

Posted by sioepolska w dniu Maj 10, 2010

The radical mosque in Aalborg - Denmark

Date: 21st. May 2010

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Location: Danmarksgade, Aalborg (Denmarks Street, Aalborg, Denmark)


No mosques in our streets!

Siad and SIOE are demonstrating in and around Danmarksgade (the street) in the city of Aalborg, Denmark on Friday the 21st. May 2010 at 5:00pm against the mosque on Danmarksgade.

The cartoonist Kurt Westergaard´s axe-assassin has been a board member in the association that runs the mosque.  The mosque has received million-kroner support from Aalborg Municipality.

Furthermore, the imam of the mosque, Abdullah Aden has among other things said to Information (Danish newspaper), that it is a religious duty to remove the clitoris of girls.  “It is good for the girl to be circumcised. It is a sign that they are believing moslems” he said to Information on the 8th. November 2002.

We cannot accept that such revolting things are being preached in our city. It is directly in opposition to our law to urge to such injuries.

Besides, the axe-assassin is proof that radicalism is being preached in the mosque. The imam of the mosque has even defended the axe-assassin. He claims that the axe-assassin was tempted into a trap by PET (Police Intelligence) and that PET even drove him to Kurt Westergaards home. He states that PET is evil and that PET should be monitored.All this above mentioned make us demand the mosque being closed.

Take part of our demonstration on Friday the 21st. May at 5:00pm.


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